6 Strings Timeline

Brief Timeline

April 2014- June 2015

  • 6 Strings founded 17th April
  • 37 gigs played (35 solo, 2 duo)
  • June 3rd 2015, open for Rai Thistlethwaite (Thirsty Merc). Rai does not show and i play an extra set
  • Launch Squad Agency picks me up as an artist as a result of the Thistlethwaite gig

July 2015- June 2016

  • Start regular gigs with the Launch Squad, The Oaks Hotel, Campbelltown golf Club
  • 130 gigs played (126 solo, 3 duo, 1 band)
  • November¬†2015, Aleksey Dunaeff, Johnathan Scott-Dobbie and Dean Cecire join 6 Strings as band members
  • March 2016, 6 Strings records first EP, Self Appointed Sentence
  • June 2016, 6 Strings plays first band gig opening for Jones the Cat

July 2016-October 2016

  • previous gig count with submitted proposal: 44 gigs (36 solo, 4 duo, 2 band)
  • current gig count: 60 gigs (50 solo,6 duo, 4 band)
  • Ep launch date set to 4th November
  • bands, venue, banners, posters, CD’s, invitations, labels, pricing all finished


Short term

  • Ep launch
  • increase original material
  • increase in band and duo gig count
  • prepare for follow up album



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