Project Proposal

Project Proposal for Unit Project

6 Strings

Blake Wiggins


For my unit project I will be working on expanding the brand of 6 Strings in collaboration with Aleksey Dunaeff. 6 Strings is the product of a small business endeavour which allows the title to be used in a solo, duo and band situation in an attempt to expand the brand and reach a greater audience.  Aleksey and I have our own individual jobs to make this venture successful. Aleksey will be focusing on promotion, social media, performance and visual content, such as a music video, while I will be booking gigs, setting up an EP launch for an album we released earlier in the year titled ‘Self Appointed Sentence’, and also being a performer.

Booking Gigs and Performance

My Primary aspect of my unit project is booking gigs for the solo, duo and band. This venture was started as a solo piece but has since expanded. The idea is to expand the other branches of the brand to; reach a greater audience base, to have the ability to play long covers gigs and originals gigs, and to be recognised in many music industry venues in Sydney (“Guide to Getting Gigs”, 2016). Here is a quick gig breakdown of the last 3 years:

Gig breakdown

2014- july 2015: 35 solo, 2 duo

2015- july 2016: 126 solo,  3 duo, 1 band

July 2016 onwards: 36 solo, 6 duo, 2 band

You can see that the spread between the different ensembles is getting better slowly.



Ep Launch

The Ep launch will be in the band setting, I have been in talks with the venue CC’s in Campbelltown about setting up an the gig later October early November. The reason for this is that the majority of our fan base is in the Campbelltown which would make it a better turn out for the gig. The other side of this is setting up the support acts and getting in contact with these bands in an attempt to network (AMCOS, 2016) out and even get a spot at there shows whenever they need a support. Bands being approached Authority Downfall, The Marquis and positive era just to name a few. Another aspect of the gig is distribution of the album (2016), out there and setting up hard copies, which will be given out to people who purchase entry to the gig, and it is also available online for download on Band Camp.

Collaboration with Aleksey

There are elements that crossover between the work Aleksey and I have split up between each other. Aleksey is in both the duo and band set up when I’m not doing the solo work. With the music video Aleksey has set up for promotional use, I will be in attendance performing as expected but I have also offered my services in the editing process due to the amount of work the video incorporates. Aleksey has set the 12 of September aside for us to shoot the video as WSU Werrington campus in the photography block and has spoken to all the proper authorities and gained the help of a photography student to shoot the video for us (“How to Promote Your Music | New Artist Model”, 2016).

Hopefully with the push of promotional content in collaboration with the exposure of an ep launch as well as jumping on as many line ups as possible will be an efficient way to expand the brand of 6 Strings.









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